First, Do No Harm: Analyzing the Certificate of Need Debate in North Carolina

From time to time the Parker Poe Health Care Blog will be asking experts in the health care field to serve as guest bloggers. Our first guest blogger is Daniel Carter from Ascendient. Ascendient is a Health Care Consulting firm located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, that provides strategic health care planning and Certificate of Need advice and analysis. Ascendient has recently completed an in-depth analysis of the Certificate of Need (“CON”) law in North Carolina to determine how a potential repeal of the law would affect health care providers and consumers in the state. After reading it, we decided we should share this analysis with you. Here is a summary with a link to the full report.

Much of the debate over whether North Carolina’s Certificate of Need (“CON”) law should be repealed has focused on market theories without a great deal of focus on measurable realities. Ascendient decided to expand the perspective beyond the ideological arguments and review the data to see if it could draw some conclusions about how a potential repeal of the CON law in North Carolina would affect health care providers and consumers.

Based on an analysis of facts and objective data, we conclude that any move now to deregulate North Carolina’s healthcare system by reducing or eliminating the CON program would be premature and put already vulnerable hospitals at much greater risk as new entrants pick off their best patients without taking up the burden of indigent care.

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